Our school

We would like to introduce you to the Springstok school!

As a parent of a child who will be going to school shortly, it’s nice to have a look at a school before choosing a primary school. Even more so if you have just moved (from abroad) and are looking for a school for an older child, you are welcome to the De Springstok school. We would like to provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Information about the school:
The Springstok school is a relatively small school for 140 children. Our mixed pupil population mirrors the neighbourhood. We devote much attention to a positive and safe school climate, language acquisition (Dutch as a second language), sports and citizenship. Our school uses a continuous, all-day schedule. This means that pupils take daily lessons from 08.30 tot 14.00 hrs. Pupils enjoy their meals together with their teachers and the school team takes care of the outdour play breaks.


Why choose the Springstok school? Because:

  • we are a small, cosy school that offers much individual attention.
  • we devote a lot of attention to the social-emotional development of our pupil

  • our teachers are highly motivated and enthusiastic.

  • furthermore a great deal of attention is given to: sports, culture, dance, Music, theatre, philosophy and excursions.

  • continuous development and commitment so that we can provide our pupils adequate education.

Jan van der Heijdenhuis
Our school forms part of a broad community school called “Jan van der Heijdenhuis”. This implies that there is also a pre- and afterschool as well as afterschool activities. Many parents make use of the after-school offer because they work. The after-school is opened till 18.30 hrs.

You are always more than welcome to make an appointment with us to visit the school. Taste the atmosphere by taking a look around our nice building, or discuss the possibilities with the vice-principal in a personal meeting. Feel free to discuss the educational program the school has to offer. Please send an e-mail to s.hermanussen@despringstok.nl or call 06-12041439 to make an appointment.


The Springstok forms part of foundation Openbaar Onderwijs aan de Amstel.