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We would like to introduce you to primary school De Springstok!

Are you in search of the right primary school for your child? Whether you are planning to move to Amsterdam or your child is about to start its primary education we assume that you would like to be well informed on choosing a fitting primary school. We are therefore delighted to provide you with all relevant information about our school.


Our school

De Springstok is a growing school able to provide education to 160 pupils in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our pupils are drawn from various backgrounds, reflecting the cultural and social diversity of the neighbourhood our school is located. Much of our attention is devoted to building and maintaining a safe school environment that promotes positive thinking. Our school invests a considerable amount of time in key elements such language acquisition (Dutch as a second language), sports activities and citizenship lessons.


At the Springstok the day starts at 08:30 and pick up is at 14:30. Pupils can enjoy their home brought lunch at school under supervision of school staff.


Why you should choose for De Springstok:

  • We are a small scale and intimate school looking after the individual needs of our pupils;

  • We invest extensive time and resources in the social and emotional development of our pupils;

  • Our teachers are dedicated to their profession and passionate about education;

  • De Springstok strives to continuously improve itself for the benefit of delivering top class education to our pupils;

  • Our school provides an array of activities outside the curriculum such as: sports,
    cultural experiences, dance, music, drama, philosophy and excursions.


Extracurricular activities as well as childcare during pre and after school hours are provided through the community center which the Springstok is part of. These facilities have been proven a valuable option for parents pursuing a professional career and therefore requiring childcare solutions. After school care is available till 18:30


Think, Act, Explore

Our enthusiastic team is most happy to welcome new children to our growing and joyful school. We consider it our mission to make your child feel safe and appreciated allowing him or her to grow confident and empathetic. The perceptions of pupils towards their surroundings is at the center of our education. Not only considering their own inner world but also that of their peers. Our education is aimed at exploring the world as the pupils already know it but even more as they have yet to discover. The world around them as the place where they laugh and cry and where they learn through trial and error. We instil in our pupils an attitude of using common sense, but we also inspire them to be curious and adventurous. So: think, act and explore!


De Springstok has forged a strong connection with the surrounding neighbourhood often seeking interaction with the community of which our school is part of. Reaching out to the community is part of the fabric of our school, resulting in participating in community projects, undertaking fieldtrips, welcoming neighbouring artists and public service members such as firemen into our classes. We also invite parents to become members of our community extending interaction with the school beyond dropping off and picking up children. Think, act and explore with us!


Our school is open for any further enquiry. We are most willing to answer any question or provide you with more information. You are more than welcome to arrange a visit to our school and meet the head mrs Sophie Hermanussen, she will gladly explain in more detail our educational programme. Have a first-hand look at our premises and experience the warm and caring atmosphere of our school. To make an appointment please send an e-mail to directie@despringstok.nl.