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We would like to introduce you to primary school De Springstok!

Are you looking for a primary school? Whether you are planning to move to Amsterdam (from abroad) or your child is about to start fresh with primary education, you want to be well-informed before choosing a primary school. We are glad to provide you all you need to know about De Springstok.


Information about our school
De Springstok is a growing, friendly school and has place for 160 children. Our pupils have mixed backgrounds, which reflects the neighbourhood where the school is situated. We devote much attention to a positive and safe school climate, language acquisition (Dutch as a second language), sports and citizenship. Our school has a continuous, all-day schedule. This means that the daily lessons start at 08:30 and finish at 14:00. Pupils enjoy their lunch together with their teacher and the school team supervises the outdoor play breaks.


Why you should choose for De Springstok:

  • we are a small, cosy school that looks after the individual needs of our pupils;
  • we invest in the social and emotional development of our pupils;
  • our teachers are enthusiastic and highly motivated;
  • De Springstok keeps on improving to provide the best education for our pupils;
  • furthermore a great deal of attention is given to: sports, culture, dance, music, theatre, philosophy and excursions.


Jan van der Heijdenhuis
Our school is part of a broad community school called “Jan van der Heijdenhuis”. This means that there is also a pre- and afterschool as well as afterschool activities. Many working parents use the afterschool because it is opened until 18:30.


Think, Act, Explore

Our energetic team welcomes new children to our growing, friendly school. Our job is to make your child feel safe, confident and appreciated. The world of the pupils is the centre of the education we provide. Their own world, but also the world of the other. The world they already know and the unknown world, yet to explore. The world of today and tomorrow. The world in which you laugh and cry. The world of trial and error. We stimulate our pupils to use their common sense, be curious and adventurous. So: think, act and explore!


De Springstok is known for its strong connection and interaction with the neighbourhood. This means that we find out what we can do for the community and see what the neighbourhood has to offer us. Expect lots of fieldtrips, community projects and visits from firemen and artists in class. As a parent you are so much more than the persons who drops off their child, we invite you to be part of the education of your child. Think, act and explore together with us!


Curious and want to find out more about us? We would love to tell you more about our view on education and how we put this to work. You are more than welcome to visit the school and take a look inside our nice school building. Experience the way we provide education for our pupils and inform yourself about the possibilities in a personal meeting with the head of the school Sophie Hermanussen. Feel free to inquire about the educational program the school has to offer. Please send an e-mail to directie@despringstok.nl to make an appointment.